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 Located inside H Mart, the restaurant Myungrang Hot Dog (pronounced myung-rang) means cheerful, playful, and bright in Korean. Unlike your typical hot dog in a bun, a stick is used to deep fry the signature Korean hot dog until it crisps golden brown. It’s the perfect snack filled with your choice of mozzarella cheese, squid-ink, rice cake or potato. 

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4.5 stars

I originally went just for the Hot Dogs but their rice cakes were banging! After watching countless mukbangs I found this spot in and went before the... Read Full Review

Anybody that says Mukbangs are stupid are just a hater because a Mukbag brought me out to try these Korean fried cheese hotdogs!!! I had been craving these... Read Full Review

If you are in Duluth Koreatown and near the H-Mart then I definitely recommend trying this food stall. It is a corndog that is also a mozzarella cheese... Read Full Review

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