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Located adjacent to the Hong Kong based supermarket Jusgo, you will find a haven of Asian delicacies that deliver authentic flavors from regions of China, Japan and Taiwan.  Jusgo Food Court houses a dozen small takeout restaurants offering everything from picnic-ready whole suckling pigs to jianbig to bubble tea.  The choice is yours and the options are plentiful.  

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4.5 stars

We had a lot of fun trying all the food. The most lacking we though was the bbq stall on the corner by the market entrance. Soups dumplings were amazing Read Full Review

Atmosphere: casual, food court vibe. You order at the counter and seat yourself. Location: Good spot in Duluth, located very near to other shopping... Read Full Review

The review is for Zhang's BBQ Chicken 张姐烧鸡 I got 3 pork pancakes for lunch home. All of them smelled horrible when I cut them open! I'm 100% sure it's not... Read Full Review

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