3492 Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096


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JS Kitchen, a banchan shop opened by Jang Su Jang owner Shelly Lee, specializes in customized boxed lunch and dinners with your choice of healthy and hearty side dishes.  In addition to the made-from-scratch banchan, JS Kitchen also offers cooking classes and Korean catering for special events. Featured in Atlanta Magazine as a top choice for authentic Korean food, this is Korean food just like grandma used to make.  

(Photo credit:  Gregory Miller - Banchan and Hobakujk at JS Kitchen as featured in Atlanta Magazine, April 19, 2018)

Yelp Reviews

4.5 stars

I've been wanting to try JS Kitchen. I never even went to Jang Su Jang but I should now. I always crave Korean banchans and heard JS Kitchen has really good... Read Full Review

I was craving Korean food and I'd heard for a long time this place was good for catering, banchan and bento boxes. And they own Jang Su Jang restaurant so... Read Full Review

Delicious banchan and boxes! I am from out of town, but if I lived in the Atlanta area I would order a set of boxes for lunches every week. I tried the... Read Full Review

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