331 Rockbridge Rd NW, Lilburn, GA 30047


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(770) 279-2943

Izzy’s NY Pizza is an authentic New York pizza parlor. You can dine in or carry out authentic Italian dishes and pizza. The 18′ Large pizza is baked fresh to order and the dough is prepared on site daily. Experience the difference in authentic New York Italian dining with Izzy’s NY Pizza. Be sure to check out daily lunch and dinner specials!

Yelp Reviews

4.5 stars

Good NY pizza and the staff was patient with 8 kids. Thank you good value and lots of food Read Full Review

We recently moved from Dekalb Co and I miss my Fellini's, but Izzy's won my heart! For one thing I had never in my life thought to put fresh basil leaves on... Read Full Review

Listen that pizza slice didn't even make it out the parking lot all I was doing was taking a small bite just to see and some how the whole slice was gone. I... Read Full Review

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TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4.5 stars Based on 24 traveler reviews

Best NY pizza around!

AMAZINGLY GOOD NY Pizza! Just tried the pepperoni and mushroom pizza and was so fresh and good. The crust is thin and cooked in a brick over pizza with that hint of “burnt” taste that is so good. My... Read Full Review

Theres was a hair in my ranch dressing

When i went to pick up my order everybody was staring at me like they never seen a black person before. An when i went to grab my soda that i previously paid for, the lady made it seem like i was... Read Full Review

Best Pizza Place in the State

I Have to say that nothing beats Izzy's NY Pizza through the years i have tried just about everything on the menu, and i can say I have never been disappointed. its located in Lilburn, GA. I would... Read Full Review

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