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4.5 stars on TripAdvisor Based on 471 traveler reviews

Incredibly Wow, unique, super comfortable, and customer service oriented

This is the most unique and modern Hampton Inn with an atrium with tastefully designed lights, see through elevator between the 2nd and 4th floors, lavish comfortable seating, a pantry with all sorts... Read Full Review

I’m very happy

It was so good, i came with my family and the way y’all treat customer made me feel so wonderful, thank you all of you, and thank you miss Cathy, you’re so sweet. Me and my family, we’ve got a... Read Full Review

World of we come!

The Hampton Inn in Norcrosse has superfriendly and efficient staff! Jose is the man! Ask him anything. He checks on you frequently. They never miss a beat. I love that they don't even have to see you... Read Full Review

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3.5 stars on Yelp Based on 26 traveler reviews

Really nice/convenient/welcoming Hampton. They make you feel "at home". The "Happy Hour" is also very cool. All of your travel supplies are within walking... Read Full Review

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