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Since 1982, the Carter Center has partnered with Emory University to focus on a commitment to support human rights, fight human suffering and improving overall international public health. The Center also features the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum and the Carter Center gardens.

Led by the Carters and an independent board of trustees, the Center's staff wage peace, fight disease, and build hope by both engaging with those at the highest levels of government and working side by side with poor and often forgotten people.

Continuously, the Jimmy Carter Library actively solicits material of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, major figures in the Carter administration, the Carters’ political or close personal friends, figures of secondary importance with significant aspects of the Carter administration, and President Carter’s family. Today, the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library houses 40,000,000 pages, 1,000,000 photographs, 2,200,000 feet of film, and 2,500 hours of video.

Yelp Reviews

4 stars

I came here to view the "Georgia on My Screen: Jimmy Carter and the Rise of the Film Industry." Jimmy Carter is quite special to me as he was the FIRST... Read Full Review

I learned so much about President Carter's life and administration while being at the Carter Center. The exhibits were well organized and there is something... Read Full Review

It was a beautiful day for a museum visit and the Carter Center did not disappoint. Located on the edge of Atlanta it chronicles the first political and... Read Full Review

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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4.5 stars Based on 248 traveler reviews

Tribute to Presidential Power

This is a must see. The grounds are serene and a place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. The museum is easy to navigate and is a concrete reminder of the power of the United States... Read Full Review

History Comes Alive Within these walls.

I was privileged to bring my 89 and 87 and 85 year old Aunts and Uncle to the Carter Center. They were mesmerized by all the history and interesting exhibits. The best part is that I joined in the... Read Full Review

Signage and construction dropped my rating but this is a top shelf museum

Nice big free parking lot but signage could have been better. Once in it was top shelf. I was surprised there wasn’t more interaction with curators, but there was some kind of even going on. Lots... Read Full Review

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