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As the story goes, in the 1980s, a Japanese baker called “Beard Papa” created a double-layered, stuffed treat inspired by his long, fluffy, white beard. It had pie crust on the outside and choux pastry dough on the inner layer. In the center was a creamy mix of custard and whipped cream. Choose from flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea, cookies and cream, espresso, hazelnut, and creme brulee. 

Yelp Reviews

4.5 stars

So delicious!!! I got Ube puff with green tea filling, destroyed it in the parking lot TO DiE FOR. Went back and got strawberry with chocolate filling,... Read Full Review

This is probably the best cream puff I've ever had. I just don't love cream puffs that much. You know the mini cream puffs that come in a box you find... Read Full Review

Pretty tasty, but it still blows my mind about the quality and price. It's a splurge on your dessert kind of place. Creme brulee @ $3.90: The first thing I... Read Full Review

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TripAdvisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4.5 stars Based on 3 traveler reviews

Japanese chain in the town center

Finally stopped by and went in for a take out. We got 1 cream puff to share. It was plenty big and very rich. We got chocolate filling and chocolate on top. Yum. Read Full Review

Saturday dessert

I have to say if you are into cream puffs they are probably very good. I didn't care for them. They have several varieties and they all look great. Read Full Review


普通のアメリカのケーキショップではまずお目にかかる事がない、美味しいいシュークリームのお店。カスタード、チョコレート、抹茶などのクリームが選べどれも甘すぎずとても満足。しかし、一つ4ドル弱なのが少し高すぎる気もする。 Read Full Review

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