In 2004, a new generation of women dusted off their skates and reclaimed an old sport, Roller Derby. Gone are the theatrics - staged fighting and hair-pulling has bitten the dust. 

In Atlanta and across the world, powerful female athletes are reviving this hard-hitting, aggressive sport and updating it with an edgier attitude. We've added a few modern touches like tattooed team members, sassy uniforms and cheeky penalties.

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4 stars

Roller derby is an awesome, chill thing to do in Atlanta. I don't really like watching sports, but the rollergirls make it fun and accessible for all. They... Read Full Review

Fun fun fun! Went here the other night. Interesting location (our uber driver was quite confused) but cozy once you get in. Super organized and engaging.... Read Full Review

Lots of fun - the booklets give you the rules and help you identify the roles of the players BYOB- coolers allowed Concessions were similar to a high... Read Full Review

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