Meet Burgerhead

Hello. It's nice to meet me.

Oh, hi there. My name's Burgerhead, but I'm sure you knew that already. I've been making quite a name for myself with my brainchild, Burgers & Brews Week. No need to thank me for bringing you this exquisite and tasty event. But I mean, a little praise would be appreciated.

I'm sure you'd like to meet me, so keep an eye out—I'll be around Gwinnett over the next few weeks to fulfill all your Burgers & Brews needs. Keep up with my friends on Facebook for more info.

If you haven't already seen my short feature films (blasphemy!), just take a look below.

Office Crush

Burgers Anonymous

Sexy Burgerhead

Baller Burgerhead

Farewell Burger

Burgerhead Training

Burgerhead Sings the Blues

The Lost Love of Burgerhead