I always scream for ice cream. But it's so much more fun when it's rolled.

If you're craving fresh ice cream, you have got to try Kremo, located in Duluth off of Pleasant Hill Road. It seems like this sweet treat is all the rage right now, but I have to say, Kremo just rolls their ice cream right. Here are six reasons you should make this your next dessert stop.


  1. Your ice cream is made to order. No ice cream scoops here—you'll watch an expert roller make your ice cream right in front of your eyes.
  2. Kremo uses natural, locally sourced cream. Sweet cream is pasteurized in the kitchen daily.
  3. Your rolls come with three toppings. And they're the best toppings. Pick from fresh fruit or your favorite candies.
  4. It's perfect for your Snapchat or Instagram. Seriously—Kremo is what Instagram stories was made for.
  5. The've got tons of great flavors. Choose from tradition flavors, like toasted coconut or mango. Or, try a specialty flavor, like tiramisu or mocha latte.
  6. The cookies and cream is amazing. That's just my personal opinion, but honestly it was delicious.

Take a look a this video, and you'll certainly start craving some gourmet ice cream rolls. Keep up with them on Facebook for updates.