Happiness is a warm bowl of soup.

It's cold y'all. What's better on a chilly winter day than a hot bowl of soup? January (fittingly) is National Soup Month, and here are six places where you can celebrate. 


1. First Watch (Peachtree Corners)

Most people think breakfast when they think First Watch, but you should try their lunch menu too. The tomato basil soup is delicious. 


2. Mojito's (Norcross)

In the classic Cuban style, Mojito's in downtown Norcross makes a mean black bean soup in a cup or a bowl. Give the crème of calabasa a try—a creamy, chicken-broth based soup of butternut squash-pumpkin garnished with fresh cheese cubes.


3. Big Daddy Que (Grayson)

If you like Brunswick stew, Big Daddy Que is the place to be. This stew is "just the right mix of meat, veggies, sweetness, and spices that will have your taste buds begging for more."


4. Don Soo Baek (Duluth)

Gwinnett has no shortage of international dining, and that holds true with soups. Don Soo Baek is well-known for their traditional Korean soups and stews. The popular pork bone broth soup with large slices of pork and blood sausage is especially good. It's one of the best representations of regional cuisines from southeast Korea. 


5. J's Mini Hot Pot (Duluth)

It's like fondue for soup. At J's Mini Hot Pot, diners each get their own broth base (beef, chicken, vegetarian, etc.). From there, you can pick which meats, vegetables and noodles you want to accompany your broth. The broth continues to simmer while you cook your meat and vegetables at your own pace.


6. Pho Dai Loi 3 (Lawrenceville)

I can't write a soup post without including some pho. Pho Dai Loi 3 is highly rated by all of your peers on Yelp and Facebook. A typical bowl of Vietnamese pho consists of broth, rice noodles and a variety of meat and vegetables.

Cozy up and get your soup on.


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