Korean cuisine is becoming well known for its health benefits in addition to being a delicious option for lunch or dinner.

The diet is rich in whole grains, seafood, and fermented sides, such as kimchi loaded with probiotics. Another large component of Korean cooking is tofu. There are several varieties starting with silken to firm, and they can be prepared as part of many dishes. You can also prepare tofu many different ways, for instance—it can be stewed or fried with sauce.

Soon dubu is a spicy, hearty stew using the silken tofu and accompaniments that are widely popular anytime of day. Well-Bean Tofu House in Duluth specializes in this dish. Well-Bean Tofu offers a variety of soon dubu stews including the standard kimchi, seafood, beef or pork options. They also offer some unique selections such as Asian-style curry, fish roe and dumplings.

You'll get a selection of homemade side dishes with your stew, as well as rice served from a hot stone bowl. The scorched rice at the bottom of the bowl is then served at the end of the meal with barely tea to wash down your meal with a light, toasty palate cleanser. The soon dubu is usually spicy, but can be adjusted to the customer's request/ If you are not into spice, then there is white soon dubu version without any chilis at all.

The entire meal is worth the experience. It's also a healthy option when compared to others options around the area. If you or someone in your party is not a tofu fan, then Well-Bean offers other popular dishes such as bibimbap (mixed rice bowl) and galbi (grilled short ribs).

Located conveniently in a large shopping center on North Berkeley Lake Road, I recommend dinner at Well-Bean and then stopping by one of the many bakeries or cafes to end your evening on a sweet note.