From the minute you arrive in the parking lot, the appetizing aroma of Uncle Jack's Meat House hits you.

Uncle Jack's Meat House, located on Sugarloaf Parkway just near the Gas South District, brings an in-town ambiance OTP. When you approach the building, you're welcomed by an inviting patio, complete with comfy, plush chairs, as well as a host of friendly staff.

The decor of Uncle Jack's is definitely unique—if there was a word more unique than unique, we would use it here. The bar is adorned with vintage-style light bulbs and meat hooks... Yes, meat hooks. When you visit the "lavatorium," you feel like you're heading into a meat locker. The walls are covered in butcher-themed (is that a thing?) art. Pay close attention, or you may miss some of these design intricacies, like the retro-lighted letters on the ceiling outside.

Let's get to the food.

You'll find a range of one-of-a-kind "munchies" on the Uncle Jack's menu, from Main Lobster and Avocado Mini Tacos to Charred Spanish Octopus. No trip to Uncle Jack's is complete without an order of their hanging applewood smoked bacon, served with in-house made peanut butter.

As far as the main course, they're serving up salads, U.S.D.A prime chops and steaks, "In Between Bread" and "From The Line" offerings. We tried the "Ooey Gooey Mooey Burger," and O.M.G. This burger is topped with onion jam, maple bacon, and blue cheese fondue. They covered a lot of adjectives in this guy's name, but they forgot a few—mouth-watering, delectable, the-best-burger-that-will-ever-grace-your-taste-buds. OK, that'd be pretty long for a burger name. Either way, we'd highly recommend it.

What we're really trying to say is, we're glad owner Willie Degel (Restaurant Stakeout, Food Network) decided to open Uncle Jack's in Gwinnett. Do yourself a favor, and go visit this exquisite establishment.

Since the original restaurant opened in Duluth, Willie has opened a location in Peachtree Corners, as well as an Uncle Jack's Tavern in Lawrenceville.