As summer comes to an end, our focus shifts back to Korean foods that provide some warmth and that are comforting. Also, for those seeking a lighter option when compared to chicken or BBQ, one healthy and very popular option popping up all around Gwinnett is shabu shabu. 

Shabu shabu is an Asian-style fondue hot pot, which derives its name from the action of swishing and dipping your food into flavorful broth. This fun dish usually consists of a personal hot pot with an anchovy based broth. It comes with a variety of food to be swished around before being dipped into a delectable sauce ranging from mild to very hot depending on your personal taste. 

Shabuga is the newest addition located in Suwanee in the Assi Plaza off Old Peachtree Road. The interior is chic and modern with wood tones accompanied by granite counter tops. The menu is laid out so that you can select your main item which is usually a protein such as beef, chicken or seafood, but there are also vegetarian options.


Shabuga's broth is pretty standard, but they do provide a nice option of ordering it spicy. Many other places only offer the mild version. The sides include a smorgasbord of chopped vegetables, tofu, noodles and an egg. Another nice touch is that the cabbage and sprouts are unlimited at Shabuga. 

The meal is interactive as diners playfully cook their meal fondue-style while enjoying conversation with their dining companions. Options at the end of the meal are rice or noodles using the concentrated broth to make a porridge that leaves you fully satisfied. While you are guaranteed to leave full and happy, you do not feel sluggish as you might after a heavier meal at other restaurants. 

So whether you are craving something warm or just looking for a healthy alternative, be sure to try shabu shabu at Shabuga. The staff is friendly, and the restaurant is perfect for families with children. You are certain to enjoy this unique experience of dining out in Gwinnett.