For those who regularly follow the Seoul of the South blog, I am unapologetic in my love for bunshik, Korean snack fast food. There are so many great offerings around Gwinnett, and they all have a specialty whether it is spicy rice cakes, fried chicken, or kimbap. I love them all, but I recently discovered a real hidden gem that offers some of most unique task of Korean snack foods that I have ever seen. Be sure to make your way to Poetree in Suwanee just down the street from the H-Mart center. 

What sets Poetree apart? First, the space is a really quaint and unique spot in a nondescript shopping center. Blink and you will literally drive by the location. More importantly, the menu boasts some traditional goodies such as fried rice and pork cutlets, but what really peaked my interest was a dish they call UFO. It’s essentially your choice of fried rice which is delicious surrounded by a variety or homemade sauces. The sauces can be something a simple as marinara or carbonara, but Poetree also offers a creative house sauce and some spicy varieties. This dish sounds simple, but the combination was really eye opening and a taste sensation. 

They also offer some creative pasta dishes including one that is topped with spicy pork belly. The combination of a cream pasta with spicy pork is really creative and surprisingly addictive. My last dish I tried, stir fried spicy chicken with two different cheese just had everything on it. Cheese fondue with meat! If you are dining after work, Poetree offers a nice selection of beer and wine that pair well to round out your dining experience. It is not too often that food really surprises me, but my experience at Poetree was definitely great, I will be returning soon to try more creative dishes and UFO combinations!