You already know that Gwinnett is the Seoul of the South™. And maybe you've even been on one of our food tours. But if you haven't had a chance yet, or you're just hungry for more, we're sharing our five most favorite spots to curb your Korean BBQ craving.


1. K Factory

This is the perfect place for your next date night or birthday celebration. A more upscale joint, K Factory serves incredibly high quality cuts of meat that melt in your mouth.


2. Honey Pig

Described as industrial-chic, the decor at Honey Pig is one reason to stop in. Of course, their fantastic Korean BBQ options await you once you arrive. Honey Pig utilizes the iron-cast lid (aka “Ssot-Dduk-Kung”) method of grilling, which is different than most restaurants in the area.


3. 9292 Korean BBQ

The savory scent of charcoal fills the air as you walk into 9292 Korean BBQ, which pretty much instantly makes you hungry. Be sure to try some of their marinated options.


4. Seo Ra Beol

At Seo Ra Beol, you'll get a classic Korean BBQ experience with charcoal grills. Try the pork belly, beef brisket, and short ribs, or order a family meal. They offer many other traditional dishes, like seafood pancakes and bibimbap.