There is a new contender in town for one of the best late night places in Gwinnett for Korean food. Yup Jip, Korean for "the place next door," is literally located next to Iron Age on Pleasant Hill Road. This new establishment boasts a slick interior and a very simple, but traditional Korean menu centered around seoullungtang, a rich bone broth soup with slices of beef and noodles. I have tried almost all of them around metro Atlanta, and this one is definitely my favorite. From the thick, almost creamy soup to the wonderful slices of beef and delicious homemade kimchi, I was really happy with every bite and literally licked my spoon clean. 

Other popular dishes offered are bossam, the steamed pork belly served with pickled vegetable wraps, and jjokbal, a Korean take on hamhocks. These dishes are also two of the better versions that I have experienced in Gwinnett. Both are fairly complicated dishes, and the chef at Yup Jip definitely knows what she is doing. From the flavor to the texture, everything is spot on and delicious. 


This menu is somewhat limited, but that makes this the ideal place to come in for a drink and late night bite if you are in the area. That does not mean this is bar food, as most Koreans would find this food on par with something made at home by one's mother. Another really popular dish that is executed well here is the bindaeddeok. This heavy pancake style dish is thicker than other Korean pancakes and is usually made from mung beans and meat. It's really terrific when cooked properly and pairs well with a beer or soju. 

If you are in the mood to try something really traditional and tasty, definitely put Yup Jip on your list of places to visit soon. You will not be disappointed and might discover some new favorite dishes that are prepared really well.