Take a closer look into another women-owned business

Our next Local Love feature is The Local Peach in Historic Norcross located at 125 Lawrenceville St. NW. It is a community kitchen and market that was created to promote community support, waste reduction and the amplification of valuable choices that often go unheard. The kitchen and market offer a variety of authentic products from local chefs and exists as a hub for the exchange of locally sources good and soul stirring conversations. The Local Peach offers meal kits, virtual cooking classes, trusted artisan products, hot meals on the go and partnerships to combat food insecurity. they strive daily to being the change and developing lasting relationships. They also rent out space for outside events, and are creating some of their own, like plated dinners & concerts, cooking classes, round table discussions, open mic nights and other fun experiences.

Explore Gwinnett continues to make an effort to promote local minority-owned, LGBTQ and woman-owned businesses. To support this initiative we are writing blogs focusing on owners and telling their stories. Click here to read more Local Love stories. 


The Start

It wasn't until the pandemic came along and took out their catering company, Sizzling Peach, that they decided to bring a dream from 5 years ago to the forefront. Chef Nona had the idea to create a locally sourced market that would also serve as a place to build community and make deeper connections. The Local Peach is a mix of excellent food created by Chef Nona Johnson, including prepared meals, hot breakfast, baked goods and a variety of deli selections, along with a market that is entirely locally sourced by women and minority owned businesses.

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Owners Nona Johnson and Briana Murray



A lot of their struggles came from the red tape when opening a business. It took them over 16 months from signing the lease to opening their doors. Financial struggles also impacted them as well as staffing to keep up with the demand. One of the biggest struggles they are currently facing is visibility. They are in a beautiful but very inconspicuous location, with strict limitations on signage so letting people know where they are is proving to be difficult



Find a buddy or mentor that can help hold your hand through the steps you will have to take. Remember to have patience and use your support system. Fill your head, journals and mirrors with positive affirmations to help keep you going. Chef Nona says to remember why you are doing this and that your why is bigger than the hurdles you'll have to jump. 


Favorite and Hardest Part

All the connections they have made keep them smiling from ear to ear. They love taking care of people and seeing them get so much more than just food from their store. They are happy to provide a space filled with love, appreciation, gratitude and reciprocity. Chef Nona loves seeing people enjoy her their food. 

The hardest part is keeping up with all the work mentally and physically. 



They dream of The Local Peach being a destination spot where love and light thrive. Having a calendar full of events that brings us together to not only be entertained but to open hearts and minds. They also want to create programming that provides meals for community members in need. 

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Be sure to visit The Local Peach next time you are in the area! Do you know of any other minority or women-owned businesses? Comment below, we would love to feature them.