From the team that brought you Jang Su Jang, the highly popular Korean eatery in Duluth, comes JS Kitchen. In a previous blog post, I explored the retail side of JS Kitchen with its catering and pre-packaged side dishes available for take-out. Since that time, the JS Kitchen team has partnered with local area instructors to provide a variety of cooking classes and demonstrations open to the general public. 

The classes vary from traditional Korean cuisine to fusion to contemporary western dishes, so there is something for everyone's interest and palate. As the class begins, the instructor provides a detailed explanation of the ingredients to be used in the dishes and where one may purchase these items. Students are able to observe firsthand how each ingredient is handled and how each dish is prepared so that they may go home and try on their own. After the cooking is complete, participants are able to taste each dish for reference before going out and trying their own hand at shopping and cooking. 


The class themes vary, and JS Kitchen's team even offers special courses with wine pairings. Whether you are learning to make a royal Korean banquet or a nouvelle French dinner for two, instructors are available to help you every step of the way and offer some expert opinions to help you create a great overall experience. 

The instructors are a fun and lively group, and the setting is chic and modern. The entire experience was highly enjoyable, and I recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about cooking overall and food in general.

Classes are offered several times a month, and they are offered in English or Korean. Be sure to check out JS Kitchen through social media on Instagram or Facebook for frequent updates and new class offerings.