When it comes to shopping, especially for specialty foods and ingredients in Gwinnett, I'm sure that you re aware of Super H Mart. With locations in Duluth and Suwanee, this market truly is a one-stop shop. The store offers everything from fresh produce and seafood to a variety of prepared sides dishes, like marinated meats and kimchi. Although Gwinnett boasts a variety of excellent restaurants, you can pick up some delicious galbi (beef short ribs) and samgyupsal (sliced pork belly) and have your own Korean BBQ experience at home!

In addition to the all of the food, Super H Mart provides a selection of small retailers who offer specialty goods such as Korean beauty products, like face masks to luxury cosmetics, that should be part of everyone's K-beauty regiment. There is also a household section with terrific deals on small appliances, from portable heaters to rice cookers to slow cookers that are perfect for every home. If you have ever wanted your own ceramic tea set or Asian-inspired noodle bowls, stop by and check out the impressive selection.

Another perk of Super H Mart is the shopping centers in which they are located. These mini-malls offer every imaginable service from hair salons to insurance companies and a number of retailers such as apparel and cellphone shops. A visit to the Super H Mart also means that you are next door to some of the best Korean bakeries and dessert shops to satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in some guilty pleasures.

So on your next shopping outing, be sure to swing by one of the Super H Mart locations in Gwinnett for the complete shopping experience. You may have stopped by for a few dinner ingredients, but you are sure to leave with a great experience and perhaps some items that you were even planning on buying.