Enjoy cakes like Mama makes em'... Literally.

If you're in downtown Buford Tuesday through Sunday, you'll be hard-pressed to find parking on the corner of Lee and Main Street. That's because everyone's hankering for Rico's World Kitchen.

As the name implies, owner Rico Cunnington brings flavors from all over the world to his restaurant. You'll find Filipino-style egg rolls and a chicken Cuban sandwich on the menu. These universal flavors are inspired by his world travels. If fact, when you visit the restaurant, you'll see most of the decor is made up of framed pictures from his expeditions.

Wondering what to order? Nett's Lumpia—the Filipino-style egg rolls we mentioned earlier—are a must. You can order with with savory beef and pork or chicken. If you ask, they'll even let you try both. Follow up these delectable little guys with the apricot, ham and brie served on grilled French bread. The brie gets all perfectly melty, and the spicy apricot mayo is... indescribable.

Since this is one of our favorite lunch spots, we've tried almost everything on the menu. If you're real hungry, try the Royal Rooster—a huge fried habenero chicken breast with baby swiss on a potato bun. If you're looking for a lighter meal, the strawberry salad, served with your choice of crab, shrimp or herb-crusted chicken, is perfect.

Aside from the regular menu, Rico's features daily lunch and dinner specials, and each one is true to Rico's mission to bring in world comfort food. A few examples include the buttermilk biscuit chicken pot pie and filet mignon skewers over red potatoes poutine with gravy and Wisconsin fried cheese curds, topped with parmesan baby green beans.

The printed menu has a couple desserts listed, but you'll also notice a case full of cakes and treats. A fun fact: Rico's mom makes the desserts and brings them to the restaurant. How sweet is that? These desserts rotate, but you'll find unique flavors like mandarin orange pineapple cake and avocado key lime cake.

It's clear Rico's isn't just our favorite—the restaurant's been recognized in a number of notable publications. They were included in the Atlanta Journal-Constitutions Atlanta Top 50. Rico's was also included in a write up in USA Today.

Next time you're around Buford, stop in and give Rico's a try! Or, even go out of your way for it—it's completely worth it. Check them out on Facebook for updates and daily specials.