Dragon BBQ is the newest entrant into the Gwinnett Place area for Korean BBQ. The location is next to the Great Wall Supermarket in the former Pirate Seafood space. The interior boasts an entirely new concept with the familiar sights and sounds from a contemporary Korean restaurant. 

The sides are plentiful and the kimchi is especially good for a BBQ restaurant. Usually, the sides are a bit of an afterthought due to all of the meat, but at Dragon BBQ, they seem to really focus on the quality and quantity of the side dishes. 


The stews are also quite good as the restaurant boasts a selection of non-BBQ items for lunch and dinner. Their chef is great at creating a home-style taste which you do not always see at a place where the meat is the focus. 

We loved our experience here, and we will definitely be back with family and friends for another experience. The prices across the menu place it right in the range in the area while the selection and quality remain high. Dragon BBQ is a welcome addition to the growing list of places to visit when you come to Gwinnett and the Seoul of the South!