I have spent the past few weeks combing through the Korean restaurants around Gwinnett to find some of the best homestyle cuisine offered. It is always nice to go out for some BBQ and fried chicken, but these days, I have really been craving good old fashioned stews and dishes that my mother or grandmother would make at home. It's not just about the main dish though. To make be a really great homestyle meal, the restaurant also needs to provide a selection of tasty side dishes to accompany the rice and entree. Chung Dam is one Korean restaurant in Duluth to provide this type of full meal.

Located conveniently in the Super H-Mart Center on Pleasant Hill Road, there is not a single person in the Asian community that does not know this establishment. The interior is clean and simple with separate dining areas that provide privacy or a seat at the popular sushi bar. Also, Chung Dam boasts several larger meeting rooms that can accommodate larger parties making it a true community center for events such as birthdays, receptions, or meetings.

During my last visit, I was definitely craving a hot and spicy dish. Two favorites are the yukgaejang, which is a classic spicy beef soup. This dish is a pillar of Korean cuisine and is usually a favorite of my parents' generation especially after a long, hard day at work. Another great dish is the spicy seafood noodle dish known as haemul jjampong. This dish has ties to ethnic Koreans living in China, and it is certainly a favorite for many people. If you are not craving spice, Chung Dam offers a full menu including BBQ meats and the aforementioned sushi and sashimi. This spot is also terrific for lunch with a number of lunch box style combos that feature a variety of dishes and sides at a real bargain.

It seems counterintuitive, but for most Koreans, the hot and humid weather leads to cravings for spicy soups. I think that it's something about replenishing the nutrients that you may have lost working during these hot summer days. This makes Chung Dam a very popular spot for Korean Americans, and also if you just want good homemade food and a fair price, be sure to stop by Chung Dam.