You thought you'd grow out of ramen noodles—man were you wrong.

When I say ramen noodles, I don't mean the kind you heat up in the microwave and eat out of a cup. One thing I always appreciate about our dear Gwinnett County is it's diversity. Our cultural differences are exemplified by our culinary scene.

March is National Noodle Month, so today I'm giving you just a few of the best places for noodles in Gwinnett. I'm sure we could make a pretty long list, but here are ten places you can get your noodle on.

1. Super Pho. You'll find plenty of pho options at this Duluth restaurant. They've got everything from beef brisket pho to hot-n-sour seafood pho. 

2. Sri Thai. Sri Thai has a lot of noodle dishes, but one of my all-time favorites is their spicy basil noodle with chicken. You can also get it with pork, tofu, beef, shrimp or squid. The portions are big, so share it with a friend, or better yet, keep the leftovers for yourself.

3. Umaido. For Japanese-style ramen, check out Umaido. With a variety of flavors, including tonkatsu, honey miso and wasabi shoyu ramen, you really can't go wrong.

4. J's Mini Hot Pot. If you've never done hot pot, it's a fun experience. Similar to fondu, you get to play with your food, contrary to what mama always told you. I personally enjoy thin-sliced, premium beef with veggies and glass noodles. At J's Mini Hot Pot, you've got lots of protein and veggie choices.

5. Ming's BBQ. They may be known for their BBQ, but Ming's has got some outstanding noodle dishes. Try their shrimp pan fried noodle entrée with your choice of chow fun or egg noodle.

6. I Luv Pho. I Luv Pho is the perfect stop to curb your noodle cravings. Order the pho doc biet, served with filet mignon, meat ball, flank, bibble tripe, tendon.

7. Raku Tonkatsu Ramen. One of Duluth's popular go-to ramen restaurants. 

8. Yuki Izakaya. Be sure to try the Yakisoba, pan-fried noodles with pork, beef or seafood. 

9. Xi'an Gourmet House. We recommend the cold noodles or hand-ripped noodles. 

10. Lifting Noodles. Located inside of Sweet Octopus in Duluth this restaurant offers everything from classic ramen to Angry Zuko Ramen. Also, check out the Build Your Own Ramen option. 

11. Hongbanjang  Serves Korean-Chinese cuisine since 1985 with over 100 special recipes such as jjajangmyeon, jjambbong, and fried dumplings! 

12. Pao Pao Ramen Factory  Specializes in Asian fusion-styled dishes and an assortment of Bubble Tea drinks that are always fresh and will fill you up without breaking the bank. 

13. BBMyun Looking for something more on the traditional side? Look no further... Here they serve traditional Korean noodles and Kimbap that will leave you wanting more! 

14. Lao Wei Dao Get immersed in authentic flavors or Shanghai at Lao Wei Dao, where tradition meets culinary excellence. We recommend the sour dumplings for rich and savory goodness! 

15. Gao Fresh Noodle Did you know Gao literally means rice in Vietnamese? Gao's brings fresh and healthy dishes that are truly authentic Vietnamese food.

We love noodles of all kinds and we've got some awesome Italian restaurants featuring this exceptional ingredient, too. Where else do you love to eat noodles? Comment below and let us know.