Authenic Mexican? Yes Please!

Gwinnett continues to be a hub for Mexicans. With many living in the area, the cuisine follows. Thanks to this, there is a plethora of Mexican restaurants and eateries. Some have integrated themselves as a social spot in their own communities and while others may go under the radar. This list highlights some of the best spots to enjoy a variety of Mexican cuisine!


1. La Mixteca Tamale House (Suwanee)

La Mixteca Tamale House is great for those looking to get some Mexican staples or looking for something new. This restaurant serves up traditional Mexican entrees like tortas, burritos, quesadillas, and carne asada. For an experience closer to authentic, I recommend ordering some sopes, a tlayuda, or a plate of tamales. I would also recommend pairing these dishes with a Mexican coke, tamarindo, or an atole served hot.

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2. Agavero Cantina (Lilburn)

A restaurant ingrained into the community, Agavero has become place to socially gather for the town. The atmosphere is relaxing, the food is served piping hot, flavorful, and with character (the restaurant has a server that comes out with both arms full of plates sometimes). With dishes like fajitas, carnitas, chilaquiles, burritos, enchiladas, and so much more, there’s reason why this restaurant has become so popular. As for drinks, Agavero has plenty! Draft beer, wine, mezcal, tequila, margaritas, and cocktails all served here! All-in-all a restaurant with delicious food, vibrant atmosphere, excellent service at the heart of the city.

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3. La Michoacana Loca (Lilburn)

A small spot that serves up big flavor, La Michoacana Loca serves up tacos made fresh to order and are filled with plenty of meat! They also have a large selection of aguas frescas (Mexican beverages) that pair well with the food, like horchata, jamaica, agua de coco, cucumber and lime, and more. If Mexican snacks is what you are looking for, they also serve Mexican street food; esquites, raspados (shaved ice), Pina Loca, tostilocos, and my personal favorite, chamoyadas! A very nice restaurant to get a taste of authentic Mexican food and snacks!


4. Taqueria El Dorado (Duluth)

Taqeria El Dorado is a Mexican restaurant known for its tacos. These tacos here are consistent, flavorful, and affordable. They offer a good selection of meats to choose from chicken, steak, and chorizo to the more adventurous cabeza (cow cheek) and lengua (cow tongue) options, both very good. Along with their tacos they have burritos, enchiladas, tortas, fajitas, seafood, and other tasty options. Grab a drink or a beer and enjoy this nice hidden gem.


5. Talpa Supermercados (Lilburn)

Talpa is a name that has been getting bigger and more recognizable in Hispanic households, and with good reason. Inside these stores are taquerias that serve made-to-order tacos topped with cilantro, diced onion, and options of your choice at a complimentary topping bar. They have roasted chicken that is cooked on-site, some delicious bowls of soups and broths, tamales, tortas, and more. Need a drink? They offer aguas (usually 4-5 kinds at a time) near the taqueria that I sincerely recommend. And for dessert, they have cabinets full of Mexican sweet bread and my personal favorite, slices of tres leches cake that are chocolate and mocha flavored (yum!). This market has so much to offer and is worthy of the brand recognition they have been gaining.

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6. Taqueria Tsunami (Peachtree Corners)

A stand out on this list, Taqueria Tsunami is the best of both worlds. This restaurant fuses cuisine from South of the Border and the Far East to create some tasty combinations. There are creative appetizers like the Asian Nachos, the Avocado Cilantro Egg Rolls, and the Mini Poke Tacos. Taqueria Tsunami then has appetizing salads, creative tsunami bowls like the Chicken Enchilada Bowl and South of the Border Bowl, and their specialty tacos. With original tacos such as the Aloha taco, Asada Zing taco, Korean Carnitas, and the Baja taco, you are in for a treat!


7. Taqueria Oaxaquena de la Guelaguetza (Norcross)

A personal hidden gem of mine, Taqueria Oaxaquena de la Guelaguetza can be missed if you are not looking for it. Serving some of the most authentic Oaxacan cuisine that I have seen in Gwinnett or Georgia! The menu is a sight to behold with many options that are true to the southern region of Mexico. They serve the usual (yet delicious) tacos along with offering barbacoa. They also have tortas, quesadillas, and burritos, but the rest of the menu is why I put this restaurant on this list. Oaxacan cuisine found here are sopes, huaraches, menudo, soups, tamales, tlayudas, and the true staples of Oaxaca, tlayudas and mole! The tlayudas are packed with ingredients here that all come together on a large, crunchy tortillas packed with flavor. Mole is a flavorful dish consisting of various ingredients that results in a rich, smooth sauce paired with chicken. Do not skip out on these dishes! If you ever have the chance, stop by this restaurant because you will be hooked!

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8. La Social Taqueria Fonda (Lawrenceville)

A cozy spot, La Social is a restaurant that the owners designed to be a place to gather and enjoy authentic Mexican food. They certainly achieved this through the cozy environment and the flavorful food they produce. A popular dish they serve here are the queso birria tacos. These tacos are not served at many taquerias or Mexican restaurant, so a rare find in Gwinnett and Lawrenceville! They serve other staples as well such as, traditional tacos, Mexican breaded chicken, quesadillas, fried taquitos, chiles rellenos, etc. They also serve menudo and pozole on the weekends, both being delicious broths with meat and other toppings. Overall a great spot for authentic Mexican!


9. Dulces Suenos Cakes (Norcross)

Have a sweet tooth? Well look no further than this bakery in Historic Norcross. Dulces Suenos specializes in Tres Leche cakes, offering them by the slice or whole, or custom cakes (check out their wall of cakes to choose from!). Not only do they bake cakes, but they have a wide selection of delicious Mexican sweet bread! Not feeling bread? This location also serves fresh cut fruit (street food style) and ice cream.

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I may have missed some of your favorite places, so I encourage you to leave a comment below and I'd be glad to try it out! In the mean time give these restaurants a try, you won't be disappointed. 

Post by Jose Martinez Ramirez

A skillful home-cook, Jose loves to find the best of food and fun in Gwinnett. When not sharing his secrets, he likes to spend his time learning new cooking techniques and cuisines and spending time outdoors tending to his organic gardens.