I donut know what I'd do without donuts.

Donuts are not just a simple glazed pastry. You can get any flavor you can imagine. They can be filled with custard or jam, or you can get them topped with candy. Here are a few places we'd recommend you grab a sweet bun.


Simply Done Donuts

At Simply Done Donuts, you can enjoy Fruity Pebbles topped mini donuts. But if cereal isn't your thing then the Man Bait is another hot seller—vanilla cake, maple icing & crumbled bacon.

Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe

Sweet Hut's (Duluth) peanut donut is a fabulous option—peanut butter and chocolate come together to form this sweet and crunchy donut.


Donut Worry

The only thing you have to worry about at Donut Worry (Lawrenceville) is what pastry you'll pick. Cookies and cream, apple fritter and Nutella white chocolate are just a few of the options. The good thing is that with options like that you can't go wrong. 


Sarah Donuts

Sarah Donuts (Suwanee, Norcross, Duluth) is serving up raised and cake donuts. Try a jelly-filled raised donut or a chocolate-dipped devil's food cake donut.


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