When you hear the word "diner," you expect a burgers and fries kind of joint. You can definitely get a burger at The Diner at Sugar Hill, but they've got a lot more to offer.

The Diner at Sugar Hill was originally opened several years ago by a Greek family. And while the management may have changed, they kept a lot of their menu items the same. For this reason, you'll see some things you might not expect from a diner. For example, the gyro grill, which we ordered and loved. This traditional Greek-style wrap is filled with grilled slices of lamb, diced tomatoes and onions, and it's served with tzatziki sauce.

Whether you stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner, The Diner at Sugar Hill's extensive menu has a ton of options. We've got four good reasons this Sugar Hill restaurant should be your next meal out.

1. The staff. Maybe we should have expected it from a city with such a sweet name, but The Diner's staff couldn't be friendlier.

2. The menu. We know we already mentioned it, but just want to reinforce our point. You'll find a lot of variety in your food options here. Some staff favorites? The lasagna, the pot roast, the meat skillet and the french toast. Talk about choices!

3. Breakfast until 4pm. That's right! You can order breakfast at The Diner at Sugar Hill until 4pm. Good news for those who take a little longer to wake up. Or if you just really love breakfast.

4. Cake. So. Much. Cake. When you're ready to order dessert, you'll learn that The Diner doesn't have a specific dessert menu. That's because they rotate out different cakes from two local bakeries. You'll want to find a day when the Million Dollar Cake is in the display—that's a layer of brownie, a layer of cheescake and two layers of chocolate cake with chocolate icing in between each layer. A million dollars sounds about right.

Don't just take our word for it. Head over to The Diner at Sugar Hill and see for yourself—we think you'll find it's pretty sweet (ok, that's our last Sugar Hill pun...only because the blog is over).

Check out their Facebook to keep up with the daily specials and soup of the day!