In addition to the number of traditional Korean restaurants in metro Atlanta, there is an increasing number of fusion restaurants from local entrepreneurs entering the market. Generally, I am not that big a fan of fusion, and I prefer the clean tastes of authentic cuisine. Some of the more popular concepts are starting to change my mind a little. 

121 Salad & Sushi Bowl is one of these establishments where Chef Ji Young seamlessly blends Korean and Japanese flavors into a cuisine that is refreshing and new. You get less a sense that this is fusion cuisine and more that it is really good Korean and Japanese foods with come complimentary flavors. 


One example is her take on the galbi salad. Marinated and grilled short rib accompanies a really delicious entree salad. This would be a top notch steak salad at any fancy restaurant, and at 121 Salad & Sushi Bowl it is served as just another dish. She also has creative takes on sushi rolls that go beyond the usual offerings at most places. The chef is really creative with her flavor combinations and use of ingredients. Another popular item is her take on a rice bowl topped with bulgogi. She takes this often imitated dish to another level with her subtle use of flavor combinations. 

121 Salad & Sushi Bowl is located in a small center off of Old Peachtree down the street from Assi Plaza. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch or dinner with a drink, you can find it all here. There is an extensive wine list to go with traditional Asian spirits such as soju or sake. Be sure to pop in for happy hour to take advantage of the specials and to try some of the more unique and creative cuisine in the area. Also, be sure to ask for Chef Ji Young herself as she is very accommodating and willing to explain every dish to you.